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Kimberly Montesinos

In addition to implementing the highest of standards, Kimberly is a joy to work with and will customize a package that is just right for you!

Owner, Kimberly Montesinos, personally trains and works with every staff member regardless of their years of experience. Her systematic approach ensures the highest of standards and all work is 100% guaranteed. You benefit from the extra attention to detail, such as, color coordinated cleaning cloths that provide peace of mind. In addition to using clean clothes for every room - cloths are color coated for specific areas within a room. Sadly, many businesses in the industry do not take the extra time or expense and they will clean the outside of your commode and proceed to clean your bathroom and kitchen counters with the same cloth. 

This is only one of the many examples of how Crystal Klear distinguishes itself above the rest. From commercial buildings to apartments, Crystal Klear practices the highest of standards while remaining within budget. You can trust the fully bonded and professionally trained staff in your grandmother's home or your place of business.  


Call today, to schedule your free consultation and learn why Crystal Kleer Cleaning has an outstanding reputation that they stand behind 100%.

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Residential Cleaning Service

Residential Cleaning Service

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