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Crystal Klear Cleaning loves to clean your home with your health and safety in mind! We have been in business since 2004 serving both residential and commercial properties. We are a HCT (Home Cleaning Technician) certified cleaner in sanitation and disinfecting. We will make your place sparkle!

Our mission at Crystal Klear Cleaning is to provide excellent Customer service with exceptional detail while building solid Customer Relationships and trust. In addition, we provide clients with free home estimates, a variety of cleaning products including non-toxic cleaners, a state of the art scheduling program, a professionally trained staff who is pet friendly, and we are licensed bonded and insured to protect your home.


We are passionate about giving back to our community and participate in Cleaning for a Reason where we provide free cleanings to families experiencing cancer.


Serving the Northwest & Southwest Suburbs of IL! We will clean your home from the heart! 


Call us at 847.722.9659 to schedule your quote/cleaning!

Kimberly Montesinos, Owner 


In the early 2000s I was married with two small children, and I was really struggling to be Superwoman. I thought I could do it all: I could do the kids, I could do the house, I could be the wife, and the great mom, and the career woman. And it was wearing me out.

One of the things that gave me peace of mind during that time was having a cleaning service. Every time our cleaner came and cleaned the house, I remember how relieved I felt because I could actually have quality time with the kids. That’s the weekend I would do fun recipes, and we would be more involved in their school, or just chill and relax. That was my first taste of what a relief it was to have someone help me. 

In 2004, a friend of mine had this small cleaning business. She was doing well, but she didn’t want to do this cleaning company anymore, and she offered to sell me the business. I turned it down because I didn’t know anything about owning a business, and I definitely didn’t know anything about cleaning because I already had somebody helping me. I just knew the benefits of having her in my home.

Six months later she came back and said, “You’re the person that keeps coming up to me.” So, I prayed on it, and I feel like there is no such thing as coincidence, so I started thinking, “Maybe I should give it a chance.” So, I did. I bought the business, but I only worked on it 2-3 days a week while I was still working my corporate job.

The life changer came in 2012 when I went through a separation with my husband. At that point my kids were teenagers, and the dynamics changed, because now this small business needed to be a source of sustainable income because I was losing an income. I went from working two jobs to really focusing on growing my business, and 2015 was the year I said, “I’m going to give myself one year. If I can’t make this work, then I’m going to go back to corporate and sell the business.”

But I’m still here.

The reason why I love the business is because of what it did in my life. There are so many different ways a cleaning service can help. If you’re a mom, having a cleaning service lets you enjoy spending quality time with your children. I also know it’s important to spend time with your significant other, because when you’re off on the weekend and you’ve got two days off (or working two jobs to sustain an income and you only have one day off), if you have to dedicate half the day to cleaning, it doesn’t feel like a day off. 

I love seeing someone have that exhale. That wow. It’s either, “Wow, the house looks good!” Or it’s just, when you walk in, and you feel like you can exhale. Or seeing a mom when she spent the time with her little kids, saying things like, “I had such a great weekend with my kids ‘cause I didn’t have to clean!” You just see that excitement on their faces. Or a professional woman who’s trying to grow her business, like I was doing in 2015 (and I’m still doing), and they’re able to totally focus because they’re not worried about cleaning. 

We don’t think about it, but cleaning is a very labor intensive, time-consuming part of our lives that has to get done. But when you have a cleaning service, it’s a valued piece in your life that makes you think, “Thank God I have this help because it’s allowing me to do XYZ in my life.”


That’s what I want to be for people.


Kimberly Montesinos, Owner 


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